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Fukumono Zukan-001
豪徳寺の招き猫 Goutokuji no manekineko



txt by Ebisu


‘Maneki-neko’ are one of the most famous ‘Fukuomono’ in Japan. It is said that they invite happiness, money and people.

The origin comes from the following fable:

class="margin_t10"In the Edo era, Naosuke Ii was the feudal lord of the Hikone Domain (now Shiga prefecture). He was walking by Goutokuji Temple when he saw a white cat that appeared to be gesturing to him to go inside. Curious, he went into the temple and just then lightening struck the place where he had just been standing. The cat had saved his life. Ever since then people have worshiped white cats with raised hands as “Maneki-neko”.

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